Wednesday, March 4, 2009

feel kinda unhappy now...

felt my voice is unheard

people misunderstood my intentions....

meeting irresponsible people
piling up assignments....

getting BROKE !!

family is facing crisis and i cant help...

people don't understand me

i have no 1 that i can really talk to....



RiNaJ said...

if u willing to tell..
im willing to listen..
dun use ur own way to guess other ppl thinking..
u won't really knw..
seems like there's many frens out there willing to listen from u..
i never 4get u as my brother..and i'm always there..
but u choose not to tell me..what do u wan me to do?

cheah said...

here one more listener
true fren sure will listen to u de
i will no hiam u fan 1
fren ma, rite?