Saturday, March 21, 2009

Deliciously "Tian Tian"

well recently went to a place in Port Dickson for dinner
well this little restaurant is one of my best buddy Chili Wong's family business
this Seafood Restaurant is called "Tian Tian"
well going there needs to go through a huge oil palm plantation
sandy yet bumpy roads and winding turning here and there roads....
but all those things wont stop me from having chance to taste great food
its situated in :
Kampung Kuala Lukut Chuah,
71960, Chuah,
Port Dickson,
Negeri Sembilan

well after sampling a few great food i have decided that i have got to share this with my fellow friends...
well we need to share good things together don't we ??
well here's a few pics of the food i ate
ps: this pics is not taken by me and its not from my DSLR so not in a very good quality pics so bear with me ya !

stir fry kacang putih with spices
well this is an appetizer where you only find it here in this restaurant

sizzling tofu
sizzling tofu in gravy hot on the hot plate

Dry-curry fish
well this an one of a kind curry ... well its not like any curry
its a dry curry
the taste is very special like no others
thats why you can only find it here ... its cook in their family's secret recipe.... in very long hours to get the curry's rich flavor

stir-fry vege
just like any seafood or stir-fry restaurant they have this Chinese stir fried vege too

kam hiong crabs
well its very very aromatic and inviting as it 1st arrive...
EJ almost ate the whole plate.... cleaning up even the little bits left on the plate making it clean as a mirror

fried choi tam
well this is the 1st time i taste choi tam and its an unforgettable taste

tempura calamari
"kriuk-kriuk" will be the sound of every bite u had if your eating this ....
an experience like u never have before

the whole table of delicious food ....
well thanks to Chili a lot for giving me a chance to sample such a great food
well thinking of it makes my mouth water....
hope my friends can go sample it themselves
and have a taste like they never had before ....


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daosapau a.k.a Jenn said...

omg...the calamari looks soooooo good!!