Friday, February 27, 2009

TVC shoot !!

sorry for not blogging in for a god damned long time !!
well i was kinda busy juggling with work and university life currently
kinda driving me mad...
well shooting all took me half a day sometimes... which requires me to skip a few classes
and after skipping a few tutorials i find that i got a lot of things to catch up....
photography is sucking fry me wallet and time, advertising is progressing too fast, drawing is very time consuming, English the lecturer missed me, Thai language can hardly catch up, desktop publishing has been absent for 3 weeks in a row ....
i think i am all haywire already !!!
well this is to talk a bout my last work the tvc shooting for Terimee with Danson Tang Yu Zhe
there's a few photo's i have uploaded so hope you guys enjoy...

the director

the crew

touching up

me at the scene

the extra girls

1st shot

director directing us

what is he doing ?

eleh ... posers

ok this is awkward

cut !! and thats a wrap



HuiHui said...


is danson!
i love him~

Jenniferluvdt said...
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Jennifer said...

Hi u get to act with Danson...
I'm Danson fans & i know u too...
mayb u dunno me...cos last time u acted in my group assignment music video remember? may i know where is this place the TVC is shot? is it somewhere near midvalley?
btw, thanks 4 sharing these photos.

Jennifer said...
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