Wednesday, July 15, 2009

the MV are out .....

Min's Mv by Vernon Ong Shao Wei
"The Best Ending" (Jui Hao De Jie Ju)

Kah Fai's Mv by Edmond Teoh Chin Hong
"Next Life" (Har Pun Sang)

theres other MV too but those above has my involvement hahahaha
sure hope either a good friend of mine or a brother of mine to win.....

watch and give feedback and comments please
(catch it in astro and You Tube)
can watch it here too



enicyo said...

thanks for sharing since i do not have chance to watch astro in KL...

peace V^^

-GiNo- said...

wah bear bear u got blog de neh !!!
so surprise to see u droping by wor .....
dun have chance mah watch in my FB lar n my Blog lor

KEVIN said...

i reli like both of the MV's, great work!!!