Sunday, July 12, 2009

Astro Star Quest 09 Mv shoot : Min MV shoot Vernon's Pride Debut

As i told you guys besides my close friend my brother also join the competition.....
the Astro Star Quest MV director competition ...
shooting the song of the final 5 composer and the final 5 singers
there's 5 finalist all together Ryan, Alvin, Yoke, Min and Kah Fai
so Edmond took the opportunity to shoot Kah Fai's MV then Vernon my Bro took on Min's MV

both of them have different taste and style ...
Vernon is the emo and lomo dude....
shooting his MV will bring in alot of Taiwan elements as he is an undergraduate from Ming Chuan University Tao Yuan.... so his style will also be a little bit different from homegrown directors
Vernon plays with setting elements, lighting elements and all the atmosphere elements
Vernon don't have much props as Edmond
but he is one fussy guy when it comes to his work (thats a good thing though because he is serious in his work)

finding his location is very hard as he needs full length glass window, bath tub, modern interior house and anything unlike Malaysia ....
i was like think aren't we in Malaysia ? then how to find things thats not Malaysian ?
i still remember he said

Vernon: you got tv mah ?
Gino: got why ?
Vernon: i need it and how does it look like ?
Gino: its silver color and kinda old d ...
Vernon: got any that don't look like Malaysian TV ?

i was like huh ??? aren't all tv the same ???
have make alot phone calls and pull alot of strings and finally found a place he needs
he will be shooting Min's MV with a mandarin title "The Best Ending" song of sorrow too just like Kah Fai's

its a challenge with both different director's different style and we have to change according with time of a day only (Edmonds shoot on Saturday and Vernon's Sunday)
as usual there alot of pics to share too

looks like a studio isn't it ???

Real acting as camera man also while Jean Cui stand and watch

a scene from the MV

Vernon looking at camera while poor Orangie susah payah picking up the papers

Min drinking coke

Vernon shooting Real also ikut

how many camera ??? (Real is so Narcisisstic)

the lead male act Real

Bro Vernon Ong

Min changing into EJ's slipper (poor ej has to sacrifice)

Real and Min act as a couple in the MV

Director Vernon and lead act Min

shooting a scene of the MV

Min smiling to the camera.....

one wanted to be nescafe's ambassador and the other 1 wants to be Pepsi ambassador


lip-synching scence in Taman Tasik Permaisuri

the crew on set

bro wat are you doin ??

Serious Vernon

Min acting cool lor....

make up artist making finak touch up for Min

everyone shooting a girl wah so vw

Took this pics in Jean Cui's house

hahahah took group pics after wrap

the whole journey was a journey filled with challenges
but i enjoyed it so much....

hope both of them either or laso will win



PeggyKeiKei said...

hey u working as wat o ?
look like having lot event to do leh nice being so ..


-GiNo- said...

peggy i am not working ler just helping friend to shoot the MV oni...
its for astro star quest de

i.t.c.h said...

Hey there, dropping by just to inform you that I have changed my blog URL to

Do bookmark this new address and re-link me.

Life goes on….


-GiNo- said...

okok itch dah relink u d

PeggyKeiKei said...

oo....wei ~~
when u all wan out de jek ....
i damn miss u all ...
so long time nv see u all le ...
stil very sek me de hor ?
will intro leng jai to me de hor ~?
find 1 day ask boon and all out yamcha ....


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