Friday, July 10, 2009

Astro Star Quest 09 Mv shoot : Kah Fai MV shoot Edmond's 1st Love Story

last week i help my close friend Edmond to shoot this MV for ASQ09 one of the final 5 Kah Fai's MV
well it was an experience on challenging newer grounds as Edmond's style is different this time
he challenge alot of colors rather then gray, black and white....
and this time Edmond is taking on a love story and a sweet one that is this time
so its very different from all his previous master piece

well Kah Fai's song is kinda nise his song "Next Life" a Cantonese song...
u can catch it on MyFm because Astro is selling the final 5 song very hard....

this time i did feel the challenge in props .....
the challenge of moving a big gigantic props from 1 scene to another
well its not easy but i have to do it too
well been multitasking finding location and making props

luckily the outcome is good
i really like it alot
can feel the sorrowness

as usual i will be sharing a few pics with you guys ...

this is Samson the "bao mu" penjaga of the finalist

Angel the hairstylist zusshing Kah Fai's hair

EJ holding a whole lot of balloons

Director Edmond on the set....

the hard part moving 25 balloons from Section 14 to Kepong's Metropolitan Park

lip-syncing part of the MV

don't he look like Hins Cheung ???

well the main criteria for the competition is the MV has to be shoot by using Canon's new EOS 500 D with video function just like Nikon's D90

so its a challenge to shoot a MV with just a DSLR instead of a DVCam

Lip-syncing location

Carine the main actress and Kah Fai eating cake after wrap

group pics with everyone

well we have alot of group pics to be exact

look what i caught .... shhhhh.... paparazzi haahaha

one of the scene in the MV

Group Picture again in metropolitan park

metropolitan park is a very windy place to be

balloons a significant symbol of the MV

Edmond adjusting the camera and viewing back his shots

very romantic leh ??? (Kah Fai and Carine)

fui yoh...... narcisisstic

well shooting flying balloons in a place where people play kite is a very hard place to shoot
so balloons a bursting everywhere luckily we still manage to get a good shot of the balloons
well hope you guys will watch the MV out on 15th onwards this months

stay tuned for another MV shoot for another ASQ09 finalist with my bro Vernon in the next post



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