Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Astro Star Quest 09 Finale

as i said before i will post photo's of the Astro Star Quest 2009 Finale up....
well here it is ....

it is held in Putra Indoor Stadium Bukit Jalil...
i was there to support my Dear Bro Vernon Ong and Edmond Teoh ....
they were there as the participants of the MV director awards for ASQ 09
so when people ask which finalist you supporting ???
i will gladly tell them the MV director Vernon and Edmond

Kah Fai 1st act doinh some dance moves which he suck in...

the musician playing live

the host of the day enlightening the event

Janice Wei Lan is guest Celebrity for the night

look at the expression in Vernon's face ...when his name is called

yep he won the MV director award

saying words of appreciation

side views....

blah blah blah .... thank you

host Jojo and Jentzen

Yoke Singing Rainies Ballad

the croud....

Chili, Gacky and Boon were there too

look at Edmonds face so Emo

the whole stadium

dancers with Min on the Stage

Min giving a powerful score

dancers preparing

Xin Leng, Lian and Li Siang

Kah Fai Sing again....

host getting ready

Yoke dancing with the bubbles

Ryan dancing tooo

Nevertheless Min dancing in Angela Zhang's melody

u can see Vernon from behind

meet the profesional judges

there is me .....

in the End Min won and was crown the singer and winner for ASQ 09

grand finale.....

so thats the story....
although that day happen some not so happy incident during our journey back but it was both Edmond and Vernon's big day.....


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