Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Self Promoting CD-Labeller

my bloody assignment ...
so busy all because of this ... i simply design for the sake of handing up because i am out of brain juice and zero inspiration...

my cd cover front

my cd cover inside

Crystal liu's head fixed on another girl's body

tadah !

add some wings

the front cover

tracing the horse for what ?

to make it a unicorn lah !

now the second part the inner side

some mirror

making a flower sylph

this is how u do it

mash it a bit and liquify abit

and then ....

fixed together for this

now for the cd sticker

eyeball design ??? sucked

i changed it to this yippie ... now it looks more like it

so this my bloody cd labeller assignment which i have zero inspiration on.... just hope it done get a very low marks.. for the lame idea generated...


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Anonymous said...

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