Wednesday, February 11, 2009



Photography assignment is due next week ....
portrait shoot ....
stupid Christopher didn't bincang properly with the shopkeeper ...
now we don't have a CAMEL (its a jargon spoken by our lecturer/tutor Christopher Low for CAMERA)

roar i am King kong !!

blur ????

people say i am the most handsome lecture in UTAR !!

mmmmm... ain't i sexy ???

there u have it my photography tutor/lecturer Christopher Low

well i need a model for this photo shoot !
next week due date for this assignment and still cant find myself a model !!!
who is willing to do me this gigantic favor and be my

application is now open ...
hahaha just joking !! those kind people who is willing to help me just MSN me okay !!



Iv@N said...

i 1 i 1

Eugene said...

tutor really look not bad lar~~~
but is he veli mean??