Sunday, September 28, 2008

Happy Birthday a wish for myself...

a few more minutes before my birthday ends
so i take this few minutes to express whats in my mind
yesterday i wasn't feeling very happy ...
Boon, Ej and Charine countdown with me but i was not happy
kinda emo ... dunno why i just dont feel good...
i celebrated at titiwangsa ...
and play some fireworks hahahaha...
have some reflection from the past during when i was kids .... hahaha

this counts 22 years of life on earth d...
when i cut my cake ...
last night i made a wish ....
i wish that everyone around me can be happy ....
and i wanna be happy too....

so now i would like to share what i wish ....
for my 22nd year as a living being i have made 22 wishes for all those people that meant alot to me and those who have made my life so much ups and downs....

1) 1st i would like to wish my mom's health to be at top of health always and stay pretty always ... i can't bear to see her getting old every time i see her....
2) 2nd i would like to wish that my dad can be more hardworking realize what he is suppose to do
3) 3rd i would like to wish that my sis will be more independent and do more house chores instead letting mommy do everything
4) 4th i would like to wish my bro to spend less money and to think less of himself ... no more play and play only
5) 5th i wish that EJ can earn more money so that she can buy a place for Kai mah to stay in.... because rented place anyhow is not like the place of our own... and also she can jimat more on her spendings ....
6) 6th i wish that Charine can find a guy that finally suits him....
7) 7th i wish Boon can finally earn alot of money and break the roots of poverty
8) 8th i wish that Cindy can finally have a dream and the courage to fight for herself
9) 9th i wish that Samson can finally see whats right for him ... not just love and play only matters...
10) 10th wish is to wish Vernon to finally achieve his dream, be himself and have more friends
11) 11th wish is for Jasmine to wake up and become a responsible girl and grow up instead of her stuck up attitude
12) 12th is a wish for Ivan Teh to finally find an identity to belief in and finally open his hearts to others
13) 13th is a wish for Ansel to finally accept his own self
14) 14th is a wish for Sam to finally take responsibility instead of being lazy dirty sloth
15) 15th is to wish that Ching grow up a face the world and finally do something right for her family
16) 16th wish is for Yean Theng to wake up and be brave ... she needs alot of courage to stand up for herself... low self esteem
17) 17th is a wish for a guy called Angus to finally find his true love... and be able to achieve what he is suppose to achive
18) 18th wish is for Chilli to actually find her happiness and her skin to be more healthy
19) 19th wish is for Lee Siang to really find what she wants and not what other people wants....
20) 20th will be for Lawrence so that he can realize that he is not what he thought he is .... have a normal life and be more self less....
21) this is for Lex's mom's health to be better and her to be more independent
22) this is for Marion, Alice and Dai Lou Bing for them to achieve their goals and find their happiness.... as they supported for me to reach my goals...

well all my wishes is for others.... well to make myself happy back
i have made a wish for me to achieve what i wish for ....
and be happy forever ....

hope my wish will come true ....
happy birthday to myself i wished....
hope everybody else is happy for me as i am happy for them
sorry i for those i havent wish for i only have 22 wishes ... so i sorted out which is most important to be fulfil 1st ....
sorry to Girlie, Jason Chong, Ben, Cow, Sot plugs and money more ... for not putting you guys


Friday, September 26, 2008

Holidays... Semester break ....

Just came back from Cameron Highlands....
1st time ever been to cameron...
went there with my business partners and friends for a business yet fun trip....
i went there to work and in the other hand go relax and have a little fun there
the road is also winding as genting...

cameron is not as what i expected it would be ??
the place is like a country side town unlike genting which is like a city ....
the place is very relaxing
the air is very cool and clean and of course very fresh
instead of KL's yucky hazy dirty polluted air that can cause sickness ....
the land is much more flat rather than slope here and there....
its like villages everywhere
very peaceful and relaxing
but 1 thing is there is alot of flies...
its flying everywhere
kinda annoying

the water is like ice water... early in the morning... i feel so reluctance to even bathe
its so freaking cold up there...
i enjoyed it ...
maybe i will go there again some other time !!!


Monday, September 15, 2008


The last person to tag you is?

What relationship of you with him/her?
friends sister cum friends

Your 5 impressions towards him/her?
quite abit

The most memorable thing that he/she has done to you.
willing to borrow me her bday pressies even if she didnt watch it yet

The most memorable words that he/she has said to you.
thank you (i love it when apreciate)

If he/she becomes your lover, you will?

If he/she becomes your enemy, you will?
wont lar

If he/she becomes your lover, he/she has to improve on?
erm socialising

If he/she becomes your enemy, the reason is...
well will be i kill her whole family kua which is impossible

The most desirable thing to do for him/her is?
tak tau lor maybe get her out to hang kai far far away from genggaman ibu bapa

The overall impression to he/her is...
a guai guai girl

How do you think the people around you will feel about you?
people hates me because i dont like to lie and be fake to everyone

The character for you for yourself is?

On contrary, the character you hate of yourself is?
not kejam enough

The most ideal person you want to be is?
someone that is worry free

For the person who cares and likes you, say something about them.
thank you and i apreciate all the love and care if i have another life then i would hope to be love and care by you once more

Ten people to tag:(my nEIghbOur siKIt sAngAt lA~)
1)Ivan Teh
2)JJ Zai
7)Fang Yun
8)Benny boy

Who is number 2 having relationship with?
i dont know

Is number 3 a male or female?

If number 7 and number 10 be together would it be a good thing?
their both girls

How about number 5 and number 8?
then mah gay lor

What is number 1 studying about?
Degree in advertising

When was the last time you had a chat with them?
erm dunno

Is number 4 a single?
well i dont know maybe

Say something about number 2.
blog friends

people who got tagged well hahahaha try your best !!
good luck !!!


Sunday, September 14, 2008


This post is actually a recap of my trip to Malacca....
i went to Malacca main reason is to watch the 8tv Summer Live Concert
1st the planning of going there is with all of the =38La|39= gang but.... Angus and Charine went back hometown already .... then Ching said she is broke ... Pheona has people to entertain .... Boon Came up with some kind of sickness ... Cindy has to attend Christopher's class ....Samson cant join in...
so end up its me, EJ, Sam and Lawrence
we drove there .... and the hotel was actualy booked by my friend Shirleen...

sungai melaka

this is how it looks like

After we reach Malacca i called Shirleen up ..... to ask about how to go to the hotel ....
but she told me to wait for her because our checked in time is 2pm so she asked us to go lepak around 1st ....
we drove around lar .... sightseeing in jonkers street and around the red house ....

i like the building

a nise building looks colonial

classic nonya baba house

menara taming sari

Double Decker bus of Malacca like KL's Hop on and Hop Off bus

trishaw in Malacca

view of Malacca

Malacca's road

read the name it reminds me of "KEN LEE ... DOULIBUDIBU DOUCHU"

dataran pahlawan

the ship

a hotel

the houses from far

nise view

people enjoying the rain

raining but still got tonnes of tourist

the church

realy all in red

nise architecture

red houses

then almost 2pm already we cant wait ..... but paiseh wanna call Shirleen already so i ring up on Raymond ....
i surely gave Raymond a surprise .... hahahaha
he is so nise to tell us the place and how to get there by phone ....
but we got lost anyways hahahaha.....
so waited for Shirleen and Shone to come for our rescue ....
after checked in ! Shirleen brought us to Newton Village Hawker Centre ...
go makan there .... and meet up with Chili and Lee Siang !
and there Chili introduce me to her room-mate Hui Wen
ate some rice with "Tau Yiu Bak" or in english its pork in dark soy sauce
then we saw this funny moth.... its kinda pretty so i snap it hahahaha

the moth

After meal, Shirleen brought us to The Jeti ...(but EJ , Sam and Lawrence went back to the hotel to take a nap)
Shirleen said this is the seaside Karaoke centre....
believe me the jeti is so long... walk also walk until you "Pai Khar" tempang
its kinda nise .... the place is like Jaya Ones Wai Sek Kai and Penang's upper Penang Road
its a place with restaurants, bistros, pubs and many more lar ....
the place even got a mini car to shuttle us aoud the place ..... so wont tempang lar ....

view from outside

see how long ??

thats the driver on the left

the mini car hahaha

after that we head to the concert in MITC ....
It was raining but its ok !
meet up Mellerie and the guy that i forgot the name ....
well for more stories about my experience in the concert please refer to my previous post on the concert

after the concert we went for Satay Celup as our supper ....
too bad Lee Siang have to go back with her sister and Mellerie and the guy which i forgot the name went to eat with another GD friend .....
so its me, EJ, Lawrence, Sam, Chilli, Hui Wen, Shone and Shirleen again
we makan like nobodies business ....
its my very 1st time eating satay celup... its very delicious .... much like my hometowns "Lok Lok" just that its boiled in the Kuah Kacang instead of normal water...
i don't the whats the name and where the restaurant is situated but 1 thing i know is....
you wanna eat you have to queued up and the queue is very long.....
but we manage to eat in the end.....

so many people waiting

so many people queing

this is how it looks like before we eat it

waiting to be eaten up

raw food

dip everything inside and wait for it to be cooked

satay celup !

the nest morning before we go come back KL we decided to makan dulu ....
because i wanted to try how chicken rice ball taste like....
i called Shirleen again to ask where ....
well she told most shops thats nise sudah finish lor... because at that time its already 12 somehting already .... but she ask us to go Jonkers Street to eat as there is a famous shop there....
so we went there and jalan-jalan cari makan !!!

just tought the view is nise

jonkers street

looks nise to took a snap

so we found the 1st shop that time it has a little to less people eating which makes us doubt the taste of the food...
then we found another with more people that time we saw another shop with more people... as we reach that shop we saw another shop with even more people....
then we have decided to walk until the end only decide on which shop....
after that we decided to eat as this shop called Hoe Kee as they have the most customer hahahahaha
wat a lousy way to decide on the shop.....
well after eating then i know chicken rice ball is just normal chicken rice whereby the rice is moulded into a shape of a ball thats all ... nothing special ....
but the taste is as delicious as a chicken can be...

the Chinese version sing board

the english version

people queing up

this is how the inside looks like

sit until outside

the interior of Hoe Kee


Monday, September 8, 2008

QuestNet 10th Anniversarry celebration !!

Yesterday marks Questnet's 10th birthday
so this year in conjunction with the celebration J.R Mayer have chosen Malaysia to be the host for this splendid historical occasion
the event is held at Sunway Convention Centre filling more than 2000 people in the hall from different countries just like my last post on V-conference
but bear in mind this is just 10 percent of the V-conference only !!
so as a members and leaders of our company we attended the gala function
here is some glamorous pictures to share

closing ceremony


fireworks display for the closing ceremony

the grand closing to marks the 10th birthday of questnet

counting down

all the vips

balloon fallings everywhere

looks like snowing

time to celebrate

all the papers flying

alot of dancing and celebrating

Reshmonu feature live

sing we check it like dat

move your body

Reshmonu bringing on the heat to the celebration

give it up for one of malaysia's top

Malaysian idol season 1 Winner

Singing Leona Lewis's "better in time"

Jaclyn Victor

singing her ballads

featuring Jaclyn Victory

the best of the best in malaysia

performing 5 songs

then we have another Diva of malaysia

presenting Ning Baizura

very warmth she comes down from the stage to get up close and personal with the audience

shaking everyone's hand

singing her hearts out

very stunning performance from Ning

she is very funny

not just a great voice but a very humorous attitude

Dato Vijay Eswaran

host for the night Mr Pathman Senanthirajah and JR Mayer

Pathman and JR entertaining us

all the people

looking at the arrival of guest

cheering at the opening ceremony

its a wonderful feeling there !!! with all the Famous acts of malaysia
its a must go event hahahaha ...
nise enjoyed so much that day !!
learn enough and Play enough !!!
dance whole night ahahahaha !!!

happy birthday to QuestNet