Monday, September 1, 2008


August 31st marks the 51st birthday of my homeland MALAYSIA
my country appear to be peace and harmony
living with abundance of culture and foods galore !!!
and this merdeka i went to Sg. Wang there for countdown
its was so packed !!! but not as worse as new years eve !!

was there met a few friends there !
and bought a t-shirt there in plastic only 10 bucks so kinda cheap

after shopping then go see the concert !
the concert was okler... cause all also not so nice
but the nicest part was i get to see Evan Cai Ming Yo
to see his skill in Violin
a very remarkable site

wah geng geng geng !!!
very nise and other than Evan Yo the concert also features Evonne Hsu
well she is not very ....erm very.... how do i put it ??
geng lar.... she is pretty but... not skilled....
Wilber Pan was better ....
he is very "Shuai"(handsome) coz he is a nickname called "Pan Shuai"
but sad to say no body at all... can see he is so fat
not much of a muscular body after all hahahaha
well tooo bad....
well anyways... happy merdeka to everyone
and happy birthday to Malaysia and one of my close friend Edi !
Edi happy birthday


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