Monday, September 8, 2008

QuestNet 10th Anniversarry celebration !!

Yesterday marks Questnet's 10th birthday
so this year in conjunction with the celebration J.R Mayer have chosen Malaysia to be the host for this splendid historical occasion
the event is held at Sunway Convention Centre filling more than 2000 people in the hall from different countries just like my last post on V-conference
but bear in mind this is just 10 percent of the V-conference only !!
so as a members and leaders of our company we attended the gala function
here is some glamorous pictures to share

closing ceremony


fireworks display for the closing ceremony

the grand closing to marks the 10th birthday of questnet

counting down

all the vips

balloon fallings everywhere

looks like snowing

time to celebrate

all the papers flying

alot of dancing and celebrating

Reshmonu feature live

sing we check it like dat

move your body

Reshmonu bringing on the heat to the celebration

give it up for one of malaysia's top

Malaysian idol season 1 Winner

Singing Leona Lewis's "better in time"

Jaclyn Victor

singing her ballads

featuring Jaclyn Victory

the best of the best in malaysia

performing 5 songs

then we have another Diva of malaysia

presenting Ning Baizura

very warmth she comes down from the stage to get up close and personal with the audience

shaking everyone's hand

singing her hearts out

very stunning performance from Ning

she is very funny

not just a great voice but a very humorous attitude

Dato Vijay Eswaran

host for the night Mr Pathman Senanthirajah and JR Mayer

Pathman and JR entertaining us

all the people

looking at the arrival of guest

cheering at the opening ceremony

its a wonderful feeling there !!! with all the Famous acts of malaysia
its a must go event hahahaha ...
nise enjoyed so much that day !!
learn enough and Play enough !!!
dance whole night ahahahaha !!!

happy birthday to QuestNet


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