Friday, August 24, 2007

Nightmare til Morning !!

Yesterday night was crazy !!!

1st went to class evcrything then went back !!!
Jas was at home playing with her newest baby !!!
dress all in pink !!! her new Sony PSP playing the whole as she planned to go to her moms place !!! but sadly Awe drawing back the time til she got pissed !!!

then finally she went out to have her dinner at 11 something !!! must hungry to death already !!!

after that Charine and EJ came home from watching Secret !!! then i went up to chat with them as they are chatting with Ansel upstair !!!
so went chat for a while then i go shave !!!
shave half way Myers and PunPun came over !!! so Charine and EJ went to open the door form them .....
so i continue shave til i am done went to my room EJ rush in my room and sudenlly AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.................... Charine Scream ...

out of curiosity i went out my room saw PunPun he said wanna hug and tell me dat today i did not wish hime happy bday !!!! i sense sumthing is not right d !!! but didnt know what is it !!!
when he turn around !!! it was already tooo late !!! i saw cake and cream all over his body !!!
i ran down !!! and out the house !!!! then i was trapped by Myers and Pun Pun d !!!
so we end in a cake fight in my house Yard !!!
cakes are evrywhere ... i ran to the road and u can see Cake bombs dropping from the sky !!
can u imagined that cakes are everywhere !!!!
then we clean up was planning to celebrate by goin Karaoke ...but PunPun said its kinda late already so he decided to continue today !!! but EJ got dressed d !!! too high already to cooled down !!! so she insisted on going out so .... end me and Charine teman her out !!!

drove around til we reach The Curve ... was thinking about gpoin into Laundry but at last decided to go for Mcd instead ....
end up we chatted there til 4.30 a.m. and end went home after that !!!

lastly i would like to wish my sei zai bao PunPun happy birthday !!! sorry i dunno your birthday !!!


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