Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Happy Ending ????

Yesterday as kinda weird !!! the whole has only 2 lectures....
1 sociology and 1 web page

both boring lectures !!!
so me, Cindy, Edward, Hui, Joy and Peggy basically like skip the lectures !!
we went to the com lab and surf the net while kacauing Ah Hong about asking him to join his "Fan Club" wakakaka thanks to Angus he has 1 now !!!

then later on went Brunch at mamak wit these guys !!!
then went to watch the UTAR IDOl rehearsal .... then i followed Myers to makan again !!!
at ho yi kei !! 2.80 there .....
then Alex drop me back at PC for a meeting !!!!
the meeting went on for a lil while to state the report on the progress of the proposal on each different department for another upcoming event !!

Went to support Kia Huey in UTAR IDOL after the meeting in Winx car....i was able to made it on time i guess !!! when i went in they juz started on the 1st contestant !!!
we cheered like nobody's business ....
its like the battle of the fans intead if a singing contest ....
hahahaha ......
then basicaly it end up with Justin (Project Superstar Finalist) and Kia Huey at the top 2 most favourite Idol which win most of the audience vote !!!
then Justin and Kia Huey go for a Final Showdown !!!!
the idol was deliberate and decided by the Judges !!! and at last Kia Huey Emerge as the best !!!
congratulation Kia Huey Utar Idol 2007 !!!! we cheered like crazy !!! hahaha cheering against Justins fans was fun !!!

Went home then nap for awhile then went out at 1.22 in the morning go yam cha with Edi !!!
we chatted til 3 sumthing to 4 lor.... then went home and tidur ......

i wished Kia Huey will hav a better future after the winnings and dont forget friend o !!! i mean when u get famous that is .... hahahah


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