Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Super Show 2

Hello blog.... its been 10 thousand years i have not updated my blog...
my life was freaking busy .... it was so hectic until there was no time to blog....
there's like tonnes of things i wanted to talk about a millions of things i wanted share....
but each and every post is just written half way hahahaha
isn't that "WONDERFUL" ???

well this post i will start of with Super Junior's 2nd Asian tour concert Super Show 2 held in Stadium Putra, Bukit Jalil Malaysia...
well going to a Korean concert was like erm like something that i wanted to fulfill as last time performing with TVXQ has wasted my chance to enjoy a Korean concert...
PS. korean concert has very well plan story line and special effects, not to mention pyrotechnics, light effects and so on...

well it was not as good as TVXQ's concert but Super Junior fulfilled somethings fans will want the most ...
which is no matter where you sit or stand, you will still have a chance to see them closely...
but out of the 13 original members which consist of Leeteuk, Hang Geng, Heechul, Kyuhyun, Donghae, Shindong, Eunhyuk, Ryeowook, Sungmin, Kang-In, Kibum, Yesung and Siwon

but unfortunately 3 members from the original Super Junior were not there...
rumors has it that Kang-In was jailed from drinking and driving, Hang Geng is having problems with contract, and Kibum is always not around as usual.

but they brought 2 members of Super Junior M Henry and

The concert was cool but not the best yet...
the dancing part was good...
i like the choreography though as it consist of alot of interactions with the audience so nobody gets left out...

well as usual i am gonna share pictures of the concert just like MAA and all the other concerts

the stage

me at Super Show 2

a opening clip

the overture

Eunhyuk in the opening

Yesung acting cool


why is he wearing a mask ?

omigowd what kind of pose is this

Eunhyuk is there stretching

Donghae singing

what is Siwon and Donghae looking at ?

where is Donghae going ?

Sungmin dunno doing what

this pic looks confusing

Sungmin isn't it ??


cool LCD panel

Kyuhyun singing

another song

look at Shindong


bust a move


Kyuhyun the pimpled face kangaroo

Eunhyuk the anchovies

they cross dress

Donghae getting ready while Heechul is wearing shoes and Siwon is dunno doin what

Leeteuk crying

Siwon pose in a dueling scene

so i am back .... and hope you guys will wait for my next post soon



惠蘋 said...


UR beloved ^^ said...

Henry and "Zhou Mi"... :D

maRCus said...


you went for SUJU's concert!! waaaaaaaaaa...

*so jeles now*


I wanted to see Siwon, Kibum, and DongHae up close. how were they? hahahah

-GiNo- said...

marcus erm kibum tak datang lar
siwon is still very muscular... but with alot of acne
donghae is erm shuai lor.....

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