Tuesday, August 19, 2008

UTAR poem

i was reading this email on inti college and utar's poem
but i felt the utarians poem kinda suck
so i corrected it and voila.....

UTAR poem
I join Utar because its "pien yi",
I also thought it will be a good uni,
but end i jalan jauh sampai nak mati,
because all the faculties telah dibahagi....

in UTAR everything is about money,
pay late then they phone tak henti henti
even worse the officers talk like your are seekor babi,
no manners no courtesy...

Admin is crazy,
you wanna find DSA they will ask you to go jalan from PA to PD
if you complain they will say dont be lazy,
remind again kena marah lagi...

If got class til malam nanti,
after 8 the air cond will mati,
when we complain heaty,
they say the building is empty,
meng meng still got security,
where got count as empty...

UTAR thought we are monkey,
payment also need to go different faculties,
from collecting receipt, filling in form to paying money,
From PC, PA, PC and need certified go PD ...

If your lazy please dont come to this uni,
coz UTAr bus service also need money,
they dont accept cash accept tickets what a pity,
70 cents if u want to beli....

people say come uni,
sure can tiao yu,
mana tau whole uni oso "beh khi",
got leng lui also treat us like sui yu

toilet in UTAR very geli,
if it dont stink then your very lucky,
but the floors are very watery,
if you complain to the aunty,
they also tak peduli,
because they will be very penat if they really wanna cuci,
coz UTAR boyz dunno how to aim 'n' pee,
so it is very smelly...

driving in UTAR is a liability,
Every time you park its very risky,
no parking lot for student in the uni,
jaya one got but its not free,
if double park then put call me message but berhati-hati,
or else saman Rm300 lagi ...

food in every faculties also "bu pien yi",
they will call out numbers with mic like pertandingan menyanyi,
want cheaper and niser food must go mamak kat tepi,
1 thing bad its hot and dirty ...

UTAR got alot of library,
small with insufficient facility,
going in also need to show ID,
people go in to walk and talk kat sana sini,
so students there are very noisy,
if your smart you know dont come in to study...

UTAR computer lab very mini,
Pen drive masuk lubang sure got baby,
pregnant with all the trojan, worm and cookies,
besides that the server very laggy,
in PA the lab is like CC,
student LAN games with any games terkini ...

UTAR staff dunno get how much for their salary,
if they have problem they will ask you tunggu sini,
change people also cannot solve it then they ask tunggu lagi,
then change people again also cant solve then very soli...

Chinese in UTAR is majority,
Dont know how to speak chinese then they will say you "lan si",
good students always carry a electronic dictionary
so they will learn better for their study...

Dr Ling say UTAR is good so study disini,
but what is happening we also dont have berita terkini,
coz the moving to kampar is very lousy,
thats why all the good lecturers also wanna lari,
no one wanna go there as its a town like 3rd world country,
no KFC no MCD,
1 thing they have is MYFC,
trust me for that place is not counted as lousy...

assignment for GD banyak sampai mati,
rushing assignment setiap hari,
no need sleep macam zombie,
some more class will be 8 pagi,
so macam mana bangun ni,
end up kena barred lagi...

Utar is not very lousy,
if you like to "tham siu pin yi"
after you come in you will terpendam dalam hati,
coz UTAR my choice is the tagline of this uni...

Before come in kena sedar diri,
Got money please go oversea,
study abroad not like me,
if got choice cabut lari,
or end up like me always memaki.....


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+T'estimo+ said...

si bek funny!!!
sui la u change mia poem!
the intonation very suuuun!