Monday, August 4, 2008


The Red Carpet of The MTV Asia Awards 2008 Malaysia !!!1st guess to arrived mtv VJ's
before that red carpets are cover
leading to that wall
a police officer
the red carpet
the mosh pitters at the red carpet
me n cindy among the crowd
wah alot of people
me n cindy again
the bac drop
last guess Jaclyn Victor and Bf
indonesian band Yovie and Nuno
thats the indo band
indonesian band Yovie n Nuno
local actress
Nafi AF
Local celebs
tak kenal..
the partner i dont knoe her name too
Project E.A.R members
Joe Flizzow of too phat
Phillipines band
wah old school
local actress and model
arrival of joe flizzow
the singer in Project E.A.R
Stil Da Same Gang
he shouts well
panic at the disco
thats the girl i dont know
panic panic panic !!!
bye bye to panic
Tor Saksit winner of the favourite artist Thailand
panic at the disco interviewed
one republic...
wah tooo blur ....
stop and stare...
hey ... where you goin ???
giving autograph
lead singer of one republic
wah so close ....
crazie dudes
shaking my hand but where is he looking ???
one republic anyone ??
nicholas teo
local artist Nicholas teo
pose mane ???
apala dont want to come my place
Li Yu Chun of China
cool gal...
Chun Chun coming in
walking pass my area
Chun chun interview by melody's host Michelle
what are you looking at ??
Singapores Stephanie Sun
she arrived with singaporean band Electrico
greeting her fans
the bass guitarist of electrico
Sun yan Zi
The Singer from The Script
The Script ...
what is he doin ???
giving autograph
wah so long wan ar.. your autograph
Show Luo Zhi Xiang
Show Taiwanese Singer
wah apatu ??
he turned to fast ...
before he reaches me
coming my place....
interview by the press
Leona Lewis posing
what a very long hair
What's Jared doin
Leona's stunning smile
Giving autograph
signing at the sign-age of the guy beside me
wah so many cameras on her
Leona making her way in
Jared Leto and his manager
Karen walking down the red carpet
interacting with us
goofing around
so funny
what kind of pose is that ??
walking walking...
interacting with the moshers
wah shaking my hand ...
JAred going after Karen
interviewed by the media
shaking my hand but from my camera
Jared leto coming my way
Jared's manager taking photo of us
posing for the cameras
rina ahmad interviewing Karen Mok
The Bassist of the Click Five
is that Sean of the click Five
posing !!!
announcing the arrival of the Click Five
see how excited they are
Sean turning back
Kyle patrick funny pose
Rina interviewing gorgeous Kyle Patrick of the Click Five
Kyle Patrick talking
man in white
Super Junior posing for th press
another shot of them
dunno what's his name
i think they all look the same
SUJU arriving
yes yes shake shake hands
whats with that pose

i dunno who is this ...what i know is he is from Suju
Shiwon Shaking my hand
what are they looking at ???
blur lar the pics...
i saw u looking this way ...
what his name ??? pretty boy !!!
Suju Fans shouting !!!!
super junior K-pop artist
Korean pop idols
the pose again
wahahaha took their pics...
what a great smile
paiseh abit .... ahahahha
the arrival of super Junior
posing for the press
look whose this ???
Jessica ?
Nicole giving up autograph
smiling ahead
she held me warmly wah........
walking towards the press
wah like crazy jor
yes yes... touch by her d ....
posing and interviewing with the press
oi tunggu
thats Ella of malaysia
thai Actress
making their way through
Ella interviewed
caught in the act
local group i think !!!
i dont know siapa ni !!
yes this boy band arriving
waving to who ???
they have arrived
wah early birds...
these celbs are early
i tak kenal them if u guys know then tell me...
VJ Taya
Mtv Vj's
the lady in yellow
ugly pics of Utt
surprisingly Utt still remembers me
MTv VJ's
utt posing...

Rina waiting for the arrival of guestCharming Utt

Funny Rina
still the same old Utt
the Vj's
Michelle of China
Denise and Michelle
denise 's warm shake
interacting with the moshers
Mtv China's Michelle
aint she pretty ???
arrival of the 1st guest !!! the Vj's
Denise showing her thumbs up
denise again
Denise Keller
1 thing is she is the tallest of the 4 Vj's
the Red Carpet
the Red carpets end
setting uphey thats edmund.... sei pon pon get such good view !!!

so this is the look of the red carpet...
i will continue with the event pics in my next post !!!
so dont miss it !!!



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