Tuesday, April 8, 2008

THe F1 N GP2 in Sepang pics!!!

ferari team (the champion team oso)
omigowd F1
ferari the champion

the last one...
winners parade
hahahha posers
ass oso can pose
classic cars
Ferari no1.....
the security vehicle
one of the classic cars for the winners parade
after the race ... the racers get to parade around the circuit
look at them waving
dunno which is which oso
those car ar awesome.....porcshe
in the waiting zone
porsche .....race
look at the people... people mountain people sea
yeah !!!
posers acting cute
look carefully ada kereta kat belakang
really got 1
whoa... another good view
juz arrived dat time
lcd screen
pointing aT a car
race ... vroommm.....

look at that !!!
yeah .... with all my business partners

alamak who is the photographer...
dis time is gud
yellow car for GP2
whats dat ghost behind me
sepang circuit
so many people
juz arrived at sepang

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