Thursday, February 21, 2008

updates !!!

holy shit !!
its been so long since i last updated my lovely blog !!!
didnt get to online at home until recently....

Now i have new housemate new roomates .... new life..... new luck
life havent been easy but i can still handle it !!!

good news i am working 2 part time job now !!!
as a networker !!!
which help me make alot of USD !!!!
hahahaha i am lovin it !!!
then also as a free-lance designer !!!
for my personal experience and extra cash !!!
hahaha you know in KL you wont want any penny less just hope you'll get rich everyday !!!

i am hoping a better luck ahead of me this year !!!

cant wait for x con !!!
gonna take pics a put it up !!!
watch out for my next post !!!


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