Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Yellow Uproar !!!

2 days ago marks a memorable day...
a day which Malaysia "FINALLY" make it to the Eyes of The World....
(PS: famous with this news of the 709 rally) well as Ella sung it "Standing in The Eyes of The World"...
who would had imagine that it would be in such way....
News from all over the world are reporting on the events and the people are commenting on the "Why would the police catch this people in a peaceful demonstration" well fill in the blanks....
if its a democratic country then the freedom of speech and freedom of expressing ones self should not be stop...

the head honchos could no longer wired the entire country no more as people are all now educated and are very much aware that everyone is protected by the constitution and the law on human rights and freedom of speech... (keeping the people quite is not that easy as before)
in order to earn respect and peace you cannot be done by force....

best example of all is the incidents and violence done by the police....
to me personally from the looks of it the police are not disciplined and were not well trained to handle such situation....
people got hurt, head were bleeding, and even death were announced ....
the police handle the situation badly acting like hooligans...
childish acts as this will only enraged those demonstrators and make the situation worst....
people would fight back.... as peacekeepers they should control the situation not make it worse

watch 4.15 you will what i meant ....

"The Clash of the Titans" has begun... an uproar of the yellow will come upon the country and this time ... the main power might just lost everything after one wrong move by just not allowing a what was originally a peaceful rally....

"bumi ini milik siapa"... "UMNO adalah parti yang paling unggul di dunia"

so people don't just sit there at your home and spam my Facebook with each of their political views .... comments are useless if you people don't move your ass and register yourself and VOTE !!!
VOTE for your future not talk about your future and that's it....
action speak louder than words.....

before i end this post watch this video.... inspire yourself

before i end this post watch this video.... inspire yourself



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