Friday, June 19, 2009

Is Winning Everything ?? part 3 : The Process

well as promise to readers of my blog....
as i said before i will blog about the process of the horse competition
on how we transform from a plain black fibre glass horse into this beautiful winning champion horse today.....
well heres how we did it ....

well on the 1st day we went there without any idea's and expectation on how will the horse looks like ....
as seen in the poster the horse sculpture is in a standing position so i have think about it....
but i have a rough idea on how i want the horse to be....
by combining the idea of dragon and phoenix (ying yang male and female) from Gacky
and Chilei's paper cutting style
Boon's terminator inspired 3d effect horse
May's awareness style....
and taught of a design....
but when we reach we saw the horse !!!
and DENG !!!
the horse looks like this

well after we went there ..... we decided to go The Mines and discuss on the design....
well its my turn to present my proposal.....
well each of us have our idea's
but later i presented and i am keen on my decision as leader nobody... dares to say no bah....
so i announce on the medium and discuss and we concluded on using fully acrylic and little aerosol spray as base coat

we started out drawing out the outlines of the sketches
so as seen in the picture Gacky is drawing the neck of the horse with Queen Elizabeth

we have Kevin brainstorming and sketching out the airships

we draw with pencils as the pencils will shine with light
well don't ask why we don't we use chalk well even though its cheap we still need to take care of our budget.....

me drawing on the horses with pencils

then we use alot of masking tape to tape up the shapes of the places that we wanted to avoid from terkena the spray.....
so after spraying the shape will come out perfectly just nise so we can paint....

May, Boon and Burger sticking masking on the horse

looking on the outcome

after we draw the whole horse
we start of with painting the sun and continue sticking the airships with masking tape

Gacky and Kevin is painting the sun with yellow color and white

there is some reference to the stained glass method

me adding some touches to the sun

Kevin and Gacky painting the sun together

after spraying the base coating of white on the legs
(need a white base coat as the color we use might not show if its black)
Boon drew the city of Egypt on the hind legs

after drawing out the buildings and people...
Gacky, May and Boon started paint it

while painting it we continue to stick the area that we wanted to cover with masking tape

the front legs is also painted in the form of maps
it was started of with Burger and Chili but Gacky came in to kaypo later on

after finishing of the last shape we wanted to cover

i started to spray white to the body to act as a white base coat

so that the sky blue's color can be enhance by the white coating

if we were to used black color as the base
the blue will not be shown ...
as black base will dim the brighter colors making it barely visible

as the result we can see sky blue and fluorescent blueish colors on the horse body
making it bright and striking....

after spraying blue colors to the whole body

we started to peel out the masking tapes

so that we can start to paint the pictures beneath it
(photo showing from left is May, Burger andChili peeling off the tapes)

as you can see by peeling of the tapes we have a cleaner shapes of what we wanted to paint in black without getting any whites on it
eventhough we will paint it white later but we choose to use acrylic to those figures to make it have texture

but peeling it we faces challenges too
as the fibre glass coating is being peel out as well as the tapes

so each of us have to peel it carefully to make sure we don't hurt the horse
as we can see Lian peeling it out slowly

after finish peeling we proceed to painting the figures

well Burger and Chili is in charge of front legs
May and Boon hind legs
Gacky and Me the neck
Lian, Kevin and Jean Cui will do the body

well Gacky painted the neck part of Queen Elizabeth
that signifies royalty, dainty, graceful and elegance

Well Boon painted the legs well Lian help too
as painting the legs is a very tough job
as the legs is one of the hardest part of all to paint
as the position is fairly difficult to draw or paint
even though u painted it but the outcome will be as nice
but as leader i am perfectionist
as i kept asking them to paint and correct it one after another

well i am taking the other part of the neck....
which i am painting Alexander the great...
acting as a form of masculinity, courage, valiant and strength

well painting the whole horse took us alot of time even the skies are dark already
but we barely finished it

well painting the Queen is a tough job as
choosing a color is not easy
the colors need a worthy symbolic so that it will show the story within

well we need to paint from the head to the hoofs of the horse

and our target is to catch people's attention
no matter what their age range is

Lian painting the clouds in white

Kevin is painting the clouds too
as Kevin, Lian and Jean Cui are the ones in charge for the body

the hoofs and legs are a very tough job
as we need need to lie on the floor to paint it

after a whole days work we still cant manage to finish it just yet

well the next day
we brought a new spray paint
this time we spray violet
this is to add and blend in so that the colors on the body and legs will be significant to the tail part which is the night
with violet the color of dusk can be seen in the background of the sky

so once again we wrap horse again

then only i spray the belly and the thigh with violet

after that we continue on painting the clouds and the airships with abundance of colors

well the legs map drawings
is made up from
layer and layers of colors

mix and match by Burger to make it right enough to be classic
with a edgy feeling of the Pirates of The Caribbean

Chili painting the airships

well painting the airships is another too
as each of us have a different thinking
and each of us paint a different ship
so the color cant be use....
so we change it quite a number of time

May have a high time painting the legs....
well we can see alot of poses as its so hard to paint it as
we need when we paint we need to place our body position thats comfortable....
and thats it a big challenge

so there is a some times we hit the tail
and the head of the horse

the colors chose was red, gold and brown
to show the aggresion

well as u can see the position
its very tiring ....
it almost broke my neck with this position

well the color of the Queen is somehow a little too colorful
and that dont make it elegant
but instead making it the grand court jester

well ignore the happy face
its actualy a hard job lying there....
my bas was killing at that time

after the neck is 60 % done
i started to draw the stained glass lines
as time is almost up and we still have alot to go

the legs is still a challenge to us
as day after day the legs can't be finished
maybe its due to the hard to get areas

well after a few tonning of the main picture
we started to add black outlines to everything

making it 1 step closer to finishing it

we even made clothes for our horse to wear

with nespaper of course
well that is just for fun only
theres nothing to do with the competition

well this is how the leg looks like
after we added the black connective lines

from above we have the sun
but its still have to be touch up
as its not complete yet

the front legs is still on the process too
but the colors are coming through to a much more realistic color of a classic map

so as for the court jester
i decided that i will save it myself

so i have change it to green
repaint the structure a little bit
well i feel sorry for Gacky but i have got to do
what i have to do....
to Win

well green isnt founded much on the horse so i think green will do just fine

after that lines are painted all over the body
to make it a full glass painting look

event he tail is in lines

lines of contour and outlines of the continent makes a nise effect for the stained glass

after saving the Queen
we use old mirrors from my house to make
the shining star on the forehead
how ???

by breaking the mirror with rocks
we stick the mirror in one side
then wrap it in a thick newspaper to cushion the hit
so the mirror wont break until too small (like dust)

later we chose the glasses then
we stick the mirror with hot glue
on to the forehead

and the head in sticked with sequins to make the constellations star shine

after that we spray a layer of the clear crystal spray
so that it will be smooth and it will protect the layer of accrylic
from water and rain

u can see the fog of aerosol every where
well this is pollution ...
sorry to mother earth
we are sorry...

after spraying the final touches
we stick the whole horse in mini diamonds where girls like to stick on their hand phones
and secure it with clear nail polisher


there you have it the final master piece is finally done

the detailed art work...

from a black fibre-glass horse to

this winning master piece of artwork....
we were very proud of it
and this only marks the begining of a greater new and more challenging road coming for us
wait until our next competition

me posing with the trophy and cheque

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