Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Is Winning Everything ?? part 1 : The Competitors

as you guys know from my last post ...
i wrote about me entering a contest hosted by The Selangor Turf Club in conjunction with their international equestrian carnival 2009 about Design and illustrating horse sculpture...

well the results are out and see who won the contest... ???
well here is some pictures to feed your needs....

there are a few competitors....
such as....

"In-House Multimedia College"
with 2 teams from that college itself....

Dunno Wat SaveThe Green something

looks green?

matahari oso ??

wah robot ker ?

Emotions of horses

materials explore to make effects

happy side

sad side

"Malaysia Institute of Art"
well they have 3 teams from this well known design school

Cultures Unite i think !

chinese side

chinese paper cutting and indian inai drawings

closer view on the details

malay and indian culture

sand and pelaka mixture to create texture

Captain Hassan cuti-cuti malaysia something ler

muka captain hassan wakakaka


alot of floral motives

the crying horse

yes its crying

drought and dry

bright sunny



"Science and Management Univesity"
A funny university with quirky design ooops no hard feelings

grab some money

so many bank notes

alot of hands

i dunno what but i am sure is grasping for cash yet unfinished

one team one pattern


with logo forehead

motives and paintings on its body

relief drawings

other side

mirror paintted to creates rosetta stone and aluminium to make it interesting

"Sunway University College"
the group with artsie nature...

acrylic an evolution of horse

Napoleon Bonaparte not bad

some illustration of horses

they start from early age to modern era

cave painting images of horses

fully painted with colors

"Saito College"
2 teams 2 different styles ways


terminator inpired horse lol

horse + revolution = horselution

mechanical to its strong from the inside of a horse

dunno what poly something something which creates a 3d effect

dunno what victorian horse

dunno what name it is got saito people which read this correct me please

the front view very ang pao

got crown some more

victorian english motives

"the one academy"
only 1 team from this famous design school

the flames of passion

fiery horse

fierce and aggressive to show its ability

speed and strength was also portrayed

black white yellow and red is the color

so wanna know how my horse looks like ???
wanna know who wont the competition ???
wanna see the pictures ???

stay tuned for part 2 of "Is Winning Everything : Ingredient of Equine"

oh ya before i forget support our horses at Berjaya Times Square on the 5th of june until 9th in the east wing



gackyz said...

lol fuiyor. somemore got part 2. haha!

-GiNo- said...

yala part 2 lar ... part 2 is about our horse and the winner part 3 is the making