Saturday, November 21, 2009

Cousin Danny's Wedding

Oh shit !!!
ok how long is it since my last post.... darn been getting a little too busy for my blog lately...
all my faithful followers i beg your pardon...

ok here it goes.....
last week was back to penang again...
ps: i realise the previous post is about penang too lol...

this time i went back just to attend my cousin's wedding...
well he is a doctor with just a rm9K salary working in singapore....
nothing more hahaha....
ok he finally found his true love i guess...
as his wife was actually his kindergarten mate ....
funny right but yet fate brought them together after so many years....
well if your fated together no matter what it takes you will be together one day....

so this time i will share some of my photography skills
as i seldom post up my photography's here....
so i will posting it up so that my cousins can grab it to too....

the ornaments in front the BMW

preparing to fetch to bride

getting out

the boy who opens the door

happiness shares with friends

The best man

bringing up the bouquet

getting the abode of the bride

the 1st step

the altar

smile with happiness

a bite of sweet

the brother

to the room he goes

a Cinderella's story

the contract

the parents

open the wail

the pining of the corsage


under the parasol of love

from the top

a stroll

to pray

to pray for heaven blessing

flower girl perhaps ?

tea ceremony

ang pao's anyone

a walk in life

down the ail

happy together

an entrance

on the stage

lighting up the candle of unity

the 1st dance

bust some moves

lets hold hands

wish you guys happiness man....

ok thats my sharing on the pictures of the wedding
as people say pictures are worth a thousand words....
so i let the pictures tell you the story


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enicyo said...

Rhino's a professional photographer... ><