Sunday, June 15, 2008

sushi groove

Saturday i went to "gao dim" that XEX pants.....well i should have went to genting with the sot plug gang.... because its a complete waste of my time.....
well but at night went to Sunway Pyramid to have our dinner at The Sushi Groove....
omigowd the food was very very very good better than sakae sushi and of cause better than sushi king..... heres some food.... to show .....

muahahaha gonna start
wah such nise aroma curry
the chicken taste like sate abit
the chicken is so tender
the teriyaki sauce omigowd
wah its the most expensive 25 bucks
its not my order
the mushroom is so harum
the salad is so fresh
the potato is mixed with severak vege
the tofu is so soft til it melts in your mouth
crispy tempura
a very tremendously delicious ommelette
a real miso soup

a very nise and soft inari
cryspy gyoza
mango and salmon with shrimp in the middle
crispy and tender
so yummy
fresh edamame
the rice is filled with onion ommelette also
the rice is fried with the stone bowl
its the best california maki ever but its called roll intead of maki here
its actualy popcorn calamari wrong name d
well theres some biji selasih there
fruity !!!
alot of orange and lem0ny flavour
pure pineapple juice
well mixture of fruits and citrus
well ice cream with tempura coating and fried till its crispy
rich green tea flavour
well taste just like wasabi something new as a dessert
black pepper ice cream taste the most special

well we hardly can finish !!
we ate around 370 ++ so kinda cheap .... for a high class restaurant and theres 7 of us....
imagine that...


Thursday, June 12, 2008

Ripped off !!!

hate that Xex i heard Alvan told me maybe kena beli the pants up....
what the fuck....
ok heres the story..... as u can see from my previous post you will know i have went for fitting in XEx at sungai wang palza .....
after the show we were told to take our outfit for dry cleaning
so we have to pay and bear in mind theres no claiming thingy....
nevermind when i return it they told me....
the pants is already worn out the color....
mana ada .. i sudah check d.....
the worse part is i didnt even take to wash or dry clean because is dark color
so its impossible there is stain .....
there has to be some thing fishy in the middle of this

all the 16 models outfit.... 15 out of 16 got problem ..... and 4 worse case is kenny , lindsey, yuen and me ..... kenny, yuen, and lindsey bought their outfits d...
but i dont wanna buy because i dont the outfit...
i am not willing to pay so much for nothing....
u know how much it cause ??? its almost hundred grand.....
what kind of joke is this.....
actualy wanna go genting also no mood to go .....
to hell Xex ..... i did so many show never have this problem in my whole life...
lousy ....... i am so not satisfied with the shop !!!
hak tim , kedai hitam, black shop.......
trying to scam our money.......
haiz..... not satisdied.....edit this during my free time .....


Monday, June 9, 2008


These are the pics i promise ... the pics of the ever so grand THE V CONFERENCE
well theres tonnes of pics i took but i chose a few to put it up .....coz too many already wakaka....
so hope u guys enjoy....

besides here is a brief intro about what is The V conference.....
theV is a company i am in is created following the motto
RYTHM - raise yourself to help mankind
the conference will be held every year .... all around the world.... people from 200 over countries will come together and gather for this event....
but its limited to 5500 people only.... and this year Malaysia Penang my hometown is the host for this prestigious event .....

a symbol of the V family
me n EJ
everybody dancing like mad on the closing ceremony where JAclyn Victor Perform live !!!
people mountain people sea.... chinese idioms
next year at india
omigawd... so many people
during the closing ceremony
everybody preparing for the fireworks
cheering ...
gathering outside
the V sky rose spotlight show ... damn yeng man
on the way out of the arena !!!
inside the arena .... watching Prema another guest artist
band rocking the place
yeah people go crazy shaking their booty
oh yeah dancing
lets do the YMCA
people from all over the world dancing under 1 roof
like riot wakakaka
i guess people likes to dance
waving the flag
wat kind of dance is this ????
watching a Syrian Group performing their performance
some singer that i dont even knw existed in this world

people everywhere going mad...
omigawd after looking back !! is this a conference or a rave concert
what are they cheering for ???
lining up to go in the arena
even need to eat standing wakakaka Hsei Ee .... saw u eating
having fun at the conference
getting ready for everything
before gala night !!! people from around the world cheering
looking up at the skies
cheering for the V
The V the V the V Rule 3 malaysia thats wat they are shouting
The V.....
India have moved to malaysia d...
like concert like that
friends from Papua New Guinea
they are wearing traditional costume
people already start to dance
Sri Langka....
Papua New Guinea dance their aboriginal dance
omigawd wat country is this
my Business partner from Saudi Arabia
my Iranian friend
my business partner from india
me and those crazy aussie friends...
waiting to rush in...
some business partner from papua new guinea
wah he too is from papua new guinea
my egyptian friends
hussein from Iraq
another Tajikistan friend
he is from iraq
he is from team Knight !!
Mr Rosli from singapore
Maigre from Mauritius
My sudan friend
setting up that time
my company Questnet
wahahahaha Qi Meritus !!!
me and the F1 car
nyehahahaha.... me n the car vrooooommmmm......
people already praticing during the day before the conference
The V 10th anniversarry
the car
The Qi Meritus mahara still close up
hahahah snap the part leak out !!!

these is a 5 day conference everyone is kinda tired after that
i have tonnes of viseo will upload it soon !!! its damn cool !!!!
hope u enjoy seeing the pics as i have enjoyed it there....