Thursday, February 28, 2008

Mad a mathics...

how i just hate maths so much !!!
because of it i have my whole degree life destroyed .....

now i have to wait another half year to proceed ish ish !!!
dumb UTAR.... suddenly change the subject ... n voila my life is delayed !!!
well i just put this as a blessing in disguise coz ...
if i were to pass oso i wont have the cash for the 1st payment which is rm 4912
which i cant afford n parents also too....

well everything happen for a reason !!! well i think this is one of it !!!
well now i am gonna try a lot harder for my math....
coz i utterly sucks in maths.....
i have enough CGPA but failed dat fucking paper !!!
shit lar......

well tomorrow gonna go for consultation !!!
so all the best for me....
gonna go prepare questions d....


Saturday, February 23, 2008

cam whore !!!

during the SM town audition so devided to cam whore a bit !!!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

TVXQ 2nd Asia Tour Concert 'O'

took this pic in front of their poster !!
back stage hahaha....
me and Boon cheong
behind the scenes of the TVXQ 2nd Asia Tour concert 'O'
took it from bak stage
during rehearsal
me all dress up waiting for the concert to start
me again hahaha !!! as xtra dancer for TVXQ
its a very nise experience to be able to work with korean company SM town !!! although is juz being xtra kehlehfeh dancers hahahaha...... who cares ... coz i get to see TVXQ up close and personal !!!! and i get 4 tickes worth rm320 for free hahahah..... i even get to see them strip to their undies hahahaha girls you all missed it !!!!

updates !!!

holy shit !!
its been so long since i last updated my lovely blog !!!
didnt get to online at home until recently....

Now i have new housemate new roomates .... new life..... new luck
life havent been easy but i can still handle it !!!

good news i am working 2 part time job now !!!
as a networker !!!
which help me make alot of USD !!!!
hahahaha i am lovin it !!!
then also as a free-lance designer !!!
for my personal experience and extra cash !!!
hahaha you know in KL you wont want any penny less just hope you'll get rich everyday !!!

i am hoping a better luck ahead of me this year !!!

cant wait for x con !!!
gonna take pics a put it up !!!
watch out for my next post !!!