Saturday, November 15, 2008

Lazy Town of PG muahahaha....

alolo i am in penang my sweet little island hometown
here i see the beach every time unlike kl only buildings
n buildings and not forgetting hazes in the air
here no haze no hot steamy weather
so i am definitely relaxing here...
the weather here is cool and it makes my Cygnus problem to attack me more frequent....

but seems like i am gonna go back KL soon and face the world there hahahah
and watch movies with my peeps which is waiting for me still
even the movie High School Musical 3 ... hahahha they have been scolding me "why aren't i back yet" well i'll soon be back ....
actually this post has nothing to write ... i write this is just for the sake of updating... peace ya
for Cow i will link u up soon and Yun i will do your tagged soon hahahaha
sorry lazy ler